Social Media for Scientists Recap

Did you miss the Social Media for Scientists session of the Beyond the Ivory Tower series?  Don’t worry! You can still watch the video. Here’s Christie Wilcox,  an award-winning science writer, Scientific American blogger, and a PhD student in cell and molecular biology at the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology, to tell you about why scientists should get involved with social media.

Our president, Jessica Rohde (@RockyRohde on twitter), Storify-ed the event (#uwsmfs is the twitter hashtag) and we welcome all the folks who took their first step into the wide world of social media! Also be sure to check out the event’s public wiki page –  it’s an online archive of the resources talked about the event, community of participants and interested parties, and a venue for asking questions.

The next Ivory Tower series event will be on March 5th at 3:30 pm in Foege Auditorium: Best Practices for Translating Research for K-12 Audiences with panelists: Tansy Clay, Carrie Tzou and Blakely Tsurusaki.

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