Don’t Miss Our All AFSUW Meeting

Hey Fish Heads! We’re having our spring quarter all AFSUW meeting on Friday, April 6th at 3:00pm in Fish 106. We are hoping for your input on a few upcoming events, so don’t stop believin’, or miss the meeting!

* Daniel Hernandez of the Native Organization of Indigenous Scholars at UW will speak about two volunteer opportunities for AFSUW members with the native community – a salmon life history workshop at the 2nd Annual Native Youth Conference, and a weekly tutoring program at the Indian Heritage School.

* Morgan Bond will speak about his idea for a stable isotope analysis workshop hosted by AFSUW here at SAFS, and recruit volunteers to help organize the event.

* We have a few career development seminars in the works for spring quarter, but we want your help – do you know a fisheries scientist who would like to give a seminar?

* We want your input on the mentorship program. What do you like and dislike? Should we have another mentor-mentee social this year?

* The WABC AFS Annual General Meeting is coming up May 15-18, in Victoria, BC. Can we arrange a carpool for participating AFSUW members?