Stable Isotope Workshop

Expected increase in the stable nitrogen and carbon isotopic composition of tissue from biota in an aquatic ecosystem. Figure from the USGS.

As part of our ongoing efforts to promote the academic side of the American Fisheries Society University of Washington Student Chapter (AFSUW), we are sponsoring a stable isotope ecology workshop at University of Washington this May that will be open to all students, staff and outside groups at no cost. We have chosen stable isotopes because it is a tool that is used broadly throughout the disciplines of our AFS members. In addition, we feel that there is some demand within the community for a forum to discuss stable isotope ecology, and that AFSUW can help facilitate this exchange.

The specific focus of the one day workshop will be broken into several general sections in the hopes of accommodating all interest levels: Introduction (What are isotopes?, How are they measured?), Uses (How to apply stable isotopes to ecological questions, food webs.), Analyses (dealing with fractionation, tissue residence time, mixing models).

We have created a short poll to get feedback from the potential attendants that will help us refine the curriculum and goals of the sessions, and to gauge the level of interest. If you think you might be interested in attending, please take a minute to let us know what your interests and availability are:

Survey link: