Submit your nominations for AFSUW elections!

Are you the next Obama?

It’s that time again! We are seeking nominations for Executive Committee (ex-comm) positions of AFSUW for the 2012-13 academic year. Both nominees and nominators must be students at the University of Washington.

Additionally, the Washington-British Columbia Chapter of AFS is seeking nominations for their position of student representative. You don’t have to be a student at UW to apply, just a student and member of AFS!

What’s in it for you? Just a few benefits of becoming a member of the AFSUW ex-comm:

  • Numerous networking opportunities with people across the fisheries field
  • As a registered student organization, AFSUW is eligible to apply for funds from UW to hold events or bring in speakers
  • Leadership roles at AFSUW will boost your chances at receiving scholarships and fellowships from AFS national, state chapters, sections, and divisions
  • Chance to invite your preferred speakers for the career development seminar series
  • And of course, round out your CV with a leadership position

Position descriptions:

  • Acts as the spokesperson of the chapter and communicates with collaborators
  • Coordinates bi-weekly meetings of the Executive Committee
  • Manages task-sharing between Executive Committee members
  • Submits applications for funding to the UW, the WA-BC Chapter of AFS, and other organizations
  • Assists other Executive Committee members in fundraising, event planning, website maintenance, and management of the AFSUW email account.
Vice President
  • Manages event planning – contacts speakers, coordinates supplies and equipment
  • Assists Executive Committee members communication with collaborators, website maintenance and fundraising.
  • Takes notes at the Execute Committee meetings
  • Reserves rooms and equipment necessary for meetings, seminars, and socials
  • Manages AFSUW email account
  • Keeps track of the AFSUW bank account, writes checks, and other financial business
  • Takes the lead on fundraising projects (ex. selling pint glasses).
Communications Officer
  • Maintains our online presence on social media sites and our blog
  • Coordinates the video recording and sharing of events

Student Representative to WA-BC AFS:

  • attends all EXCOM meetings as a voting member,
  • serves as a liaison between student activities and the EXCOM, and
  • assists in preparation of the Chapter’s Annual General Meeting, with particular emphasis on student-related programs and activities.

The WA-BC AFS executive committee says:

Creative opportunities abound as the student representative is charged with finding ways to interact and involve students from all universities or colleges with a fisheries program.  We’ve found that having student participation on the Chapter EXCOM is a highly valuable addition that helps us in innumerable ways.  Help the WA-BC Chapter support students better by applying for the Student Subunit Representative position!

To submit your nomination for the AFSUW ex-comm, please send an email to by Friday May 11, 2012. Include the name and status at UW (undergrad, grad student, etc) of the person you are nominating AND yourself, what you are nominating them for, and a sentence or two on why you think that person would be a good fit for the position. Feel free to nominate yourself! Potential candidates will be contacted shortly after May 11, and after their official acceptance of nomination, will be included in a private poll on which UW students will have the opportunity to vote.


To submit a nomination for student representative to the WA-BC chapter of AFS, please contact the current President, Mark Celedonia, at