PERS 2013 Annual Meeting — Call for Abstracts

This is a great local conference being held just over the border in Tsawwassen, BC this year. Free registration is offered for students in exchange for volunteer hours and travel grants are available (applications due April 1st). Both graduate students and undergraduates researching PNW estuaries and coats are encouraged to apply.

For more information, visit, or contact
Jeannie Gilbert ( with questions.

Pacific Estuarine Research Society 36th Annual Meeting
Towards an Estuarine Ethic: integrating science and stewardship

The theme for PERS 2013 is in the spirit of Aldo Leopold’s Land Ethic, where he promoted a personal environmental ethic in which homo sapiens was a member, not a master of the community or ecosystem. Additionally, it is our duty to preserve the integrity, stability and beauty of the biotic community.

The PNW has an impressive record of integrating science into the management of our estuarine and coastal ecosystems, whether it be habitat restoration, project mitigation, restoring sediment and water quality, and promoting process driven shoreline protection and redevelopment. This stewardship effort has included a diverse range of stakeholders, including First Nations, numerous levels of government, private developers, ports and other industrial sectors, private citizens, and non-government organizations. However, many challenges remain, both human induced and natural. Challenges range from continued environmental degradation, impairment of natural processes that reduce functions and ecological services, and climate change issues such as sea level rise and ocean acidification.

The 36th PERS Annual Meeting invites both oral and poster presentations of the latest science, research, and management initiatives that illustrate the integration of, or need for, science being applied to our stewardship of the PNW estuaries and coasts to work towards a more effective estuarine ethic.