AFS WABC Nominations


The WA-BC Chapter is currently accepting nominations for four open positions on the Executive Committee. Ever think about developing and refining your leadership prowess? Or maybe just giving a little back to an organization that does so much for student and professional development and resource conservation? Then now is THE time to get more involved and help the chapter chart the course into the future. It doesn’t matter if you’re still in school, a young professional just getting started in your career, a seasoned “coelacanth” nearing (or already in) retirement, or somewhere in between – the Executive Committee needs members at all stages in their career.

Did you know that the WA-BC Chapter is the largest chapter in all of AFS? That we are one of only two international chapters? That we’ve received the honor of being named AFS Outstanding Chapter of the Year two of the last four years? That we hosted the biggest, best, and most successful AFS meeting ever just two years ago?

Yes, we’ve enjoyed great success over the last several years. But we need you to keep us moving forward. We have many fun and exciting projects on the horizon that need your help to see through. For example, you’ve probably seen that we are establishing an endowment to help fund fisheries and aquatic science students in our region. This is a great first step, but we need continued leadership to help grow this fund and help our students – our future – as much as possible. You may have also noticed our recent foray into social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). This is a tremendously powerful outreach tool that we’ve not nearly tapped the full potential of yet.

The open positions that nominations are being accepted for are listed below. All candidates must be AFS members in good standing.

1. Vice-President. The VP is a four-year commitment, serving the first year as VP, the second year as President-Elect, the third year as President, and the fourth year as Past-President.

2. Treasurer (two-year term)

3. Secretary (two-year term)

4. Student Subunit Representative (one-year term). The Student Subunit Representative should be a student attending a college or university in Washington or British Columbia.

Terms will start this September. Further descriptions of duties each position carries out can be found in our bylaws ( Feel free to contact current or recent officers to find out what their experience was like.

Nominations are due by 5:00 pm Pacific time on Friday, June 7. Please email your nominations to Mark Celedonia ( Nominations should contain a brief written statement that includes the position you are nominating for, your background, why you want to serve on the Executive Committee, and what vision you have for the Chapter. These statements will be available to the Chapter membership for use in voting. Contact Mark Celedonia, Nominating Committee Chair, at the above email address, or by phone (360-888-2775) if you have any questions.