Western Division of AFS Student Colloquium Feb. 11-14th

The 2015 WDAFS Student Colloquium will be held at the Bear Lake Training Center in Garden City Utah from February 11th-14th.

More information from the Utah State University AFS:

Why should you come to the WDAFS Student Colloquium?

This is an opportunity to network with fisheries students from across western North America, practice your presentations for upcoming conferences or state chapter meetings, and receive constructive feedback from your peers. We are committed to coordinating a great event, at very little or no cost to students attending.

Important dates:
Initial RSVP (approx # of students attending from your subunit)—November 15, 2014
Abstract submission – January 15, 2015
Final RSVP(# of students attending from your student subunit) – January 25, 2015

Also, check out the flier on the meeting: SK_USU_WDAFSstudentcolloquium2015(29Oct14)