2 Exciting AFS UW events!

1. On February 24th at 1 pm in FSH 213 we will have our next Career Development Seminar with guest speaker Noble Hendrix!

Noble Hendrix has more than 17 years of experience as a quantitative ecologist and biometrician.  He has worked in estuarine, marine, and aquatic habitats on invertebrates, fish, and marine mammals across the southeastern and northwestern U.S. Noble has experience with a large variety of ecological and fishery data, and has the ability to construct statistical models in a probabilistic framework.  He has also worked with Bayesian methods and typically uses them to incorporate uncertainty into biological and statistical models.

2. AFS UW TRIVIA NIGHT! February 26th @ 6:30 in the FSH lobby! Eat pizza, drink beer (21+) and answer marine and fresh water trivia questions and win prizes! Once again this event will be hosted by the wonderful Adam Hansen